Why Do I Write?

Ark Concepcion: Stories and Reflections, an introduction.

Why am I here? What is this situation trying to tell me? How am I going to live? Where am I heading to?

I often think about the wonders and surprises of life. So I created my WordPress site to share with others my humble stories and reflections.

The stories and reflections come from personal life experiences, the books or blogs I read, and other things that are worth sharing.

I write because I want it to help me lessen the intensity of my life’s negative energy. Also, I want to keep a record of my thoughts. Especially the thoughts that formed during and after certain situations. Situations that, no matter how bad and painful, always have a moral to it.

I will keep on writing the stories and reflections that make my life’s perspective a bit better. And by sharing these with others, I hope their perspective may become better too.

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