Who You Thought You Would Be Ten Years Ago?

This is my story. But this can be your story too.

Photo by Kevin Lee on Unsplash.

I was preparing my second cup of coffee when a thought came to my mind. The thought of who I thought I would be 10 years ago. When I finished preparing my coffee, I sat and began to look back.

Ten years ago, I was a first-year college student. Young, vigorous, and full of youthful dreams. Dreams that are free to make; so, I make a lot.

At the time, I thought of my future self as someone who is working as a second engineer on a ship, living in my own house, driving my own car, keeping my financially stable life, and building my own family.

There is a lot that happened for the last yen years. Literally too many to mention. And I would cut the long story short to bring this story in the present.

Today, after ten years and on my 28th birthday, I realized dreams do not always come true.

I am not working as a 2nd engineer on a ship.

I do not live in my own house.

I do not drive my own car.

I am not financially stable.

And, I am single.

For now, there is nothing much that I could do but to embrace the fact that I am not the person I thought I would be. It is painful. But it is the truth. Sometimes, the truth hurts. My eyes are now moistened with tears.

Maybe there are just things that do not fall into places where I thought they would.

Maybe there are just opportunities I could not force to happen no matter how much I think I deserve them.

Maybe there are just dreams that are meant to stay as dreams. And I just do not become the person I thought I would be.

Maybe that’s just it. I am not the person I thought I would be ten years ago. I am simply not.

Before my tears drop, I would now stop looking back and start enjoying my birthday with a cup of coffee.

This is probably not my last cup of coffee today. And most likely, today would not be my last birthday.

That being said, I would now end this story to prepare for a new one.

How about you, how did you see yourself ten years ago? How did it go? Do you mind sharing yours? Comment them below.

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4 thoughts on “Who You Thought You Would Be Ten Years Ago?

  1. In this current crisis, we really need to reflect who are we 10yrs ago, a lot of changes happen in our life still I am thankful for those experiences, the ups and downs that mold me who I am today.
    And it’s good for you to realise all of those things, yes it’s true, truth hurts but everything happen for a reason, just always see the bright side. Wipe your tear and take another sip of your coffee.
    Happy Birthday by the way, enjoy your day. God bless.


  2. Yup. Unfortunately not all dreams come true. The hardest part is that no matter how hard you try to pursue for that, sometimes, it just don’t work into fruition.
    At least you yourself still remains optimistic.
    If I look back right now, I would probably give up because I didn’t became anything that I wanted. Yeah, I became a published writer, but it only came like a very rare time and nothing came after. I had a lot of dreams a decade ago (just like anyone else), but it seems nothing really made it past the time.


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