Let Nothing Stand In Your Way

Meditations Book 12 by Marcus Aurelius, a reflection.

“You should let nothing stand in your way – not the inquiry of others, not what anyone else thinks or says, still less any sensation of this poor flesh that has accreted round you: the afflicted part must see to its own concern.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 12.1

Photo by Marco López on Unsplash.

Since the beginning, Marcus Aurelius has reminded us to keep our reasons why we do what we do. Our reason will keep us moving to our desired direction. It can keep us standing still in the face of a strong storm. And, it can keep our will alive despite many unsolicited opinions of other people about the matters that are simply our own.

People like talking about other people, we can call it gossip. We cannot even name a place where gossip doesn’t exist. There is gossip in the neighborhood, in the workplace, in the market, in our private groups on messenger, on Twitter, and even in the church. And mostly, people will just blabber anything they want about anything and to almost anyone.

We may become the subject of these gossips. Surely, we can recall a certain time when people gossip about us. That time when others start to spread false news that we’re pregnant or drug addicts, or utter a ton of unsolicited opinion about us. But we must never get affected, easily. Let their words come in and out of our ears as though they are meaningless, as though they are worthless. Because they are.

If we will listen to them, we might get discouraged or disheartened. Better yet to keep our reasons why we do what we do. This can be harmless to us and the people around us. And this can fuel us to pursue what we believe is within our concern. Other’s opinions about us may be painful, but we must never succumb to them.

Like a ship that never sinks despite the water around her. How will she sink? She will sink once the water around her starts to get inside her. In the same way, if we would not let anyone’s unnecessary opinion get inside our system, we will never go down.

Zoom Out. Zoom In.

When we hear something about us, we react impulsively. Often, that makes the situation looks worse than what it is. When people make an opinion about us, we have to compose ourselves and THINK.

Is it true? Does it concern us? Is it trying to better us? Mindlessly jumping into the conclusion and making a scene may cost us our integrity, our career, and even our life. We are the ones who control the possible outcome of any situation. And we have to polish our impressions first before we say a word.

We have to zoom out to see the bigger picture of what really is the situation. We must have the grasp of the probable extent of what is going on or what is being said. Only then we can zoom in to see the situation or the claim a little closer and in detail.

Sometimes, people say nasty things about us so that we would lose our focus, our determination, and our passion. A way to distract us. But, sometimes, a way destroy us.

Realize that we have within us our whys – our reasons why we do what we do – which are stronger than the opinion of others.

So, let our concern be our concern, and others concern be their concern.

Remember, if we want to reach the place where we want to be, keep our reasons why we do what we do and let nothing stand in our way.

What do you think about my thoughts you just read? Comment them below.

This is the last part of my first ever book series of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.
It was a stressful journey, but fruitful.
Thank you for reading.

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