Keep Our Problems To A Minimum

Meditations Book 10 by Marcus Aurelius, a reflection.

“My soul, will you ever be good simple, individual, bare, brighter than the body that covers you? Will you ever taste the disposition to love and affection? Will you ever be complete and free of need, missing nothing, desiring nothing live or lifeless for the enjoyment of pleasure?”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 10.1

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.

Hi! Have you ever thought that sometimes our impulsive wanting or needing is becoming a problem? Well, in this blog, I have given that a thought. And I would like to share with you my idea on how to keep our problems to a minimum.

A reason why I think many of us do not feel good about our life is that we always need and we want more. Many of them are actually beyond what is reasonably necessary. Some examples are buying a lot of skincare products to have fairer looking skin. Or, buying new clothes even when our storages are already full. We always want something new to feel that there is something that we can be happy about.

And when the good pleasure is gone, our initial response is to get something new again. Our needing or wanting for more things seldom end. But we never notice that the momentary good pleasure also ends, often too quickly. Not only that, but it also makes us ignore the important things that we already have.

If the products we are using are still effective, why would we need more skin products other than the ones we presently use? If we have decent clothes, why would we want more clothes? If we have things enough for us to live a fine life, what is the point of spending on things that exceed our needs?

I am not saying that we should never do that. We can buy anything we want and spend our money in any way we want. I understand that these things can make us feel better sometimes, but most often than not, the feeling is short-lived. But what is the point if at the end of the day our problem never gets resolved and we still feel bad?

These are never the solution for the issues that are in the first place internal. For example, if we feel bad about our life, does spending our little money on vices or impulsive purchases make our day feel good? I do not think so. It would even worsen our situation because our level of desire will not be the same as before, it will increase. Meaning, we will need to spend more to feel satisfied.

Even when we have all the things that would make us feel good about our life, it will never always be enough. Because most of the time, possessing many things is not the solution.

find the reasons from within

External problems require external solutions. Internal problems require internal solutions. The things that will make us feel better from the inside are also found from the inside.

The question is, “Where can we find the solutions for internal issues?” The answer is from our reasons for doing things, and in a larger scale, for living this life.

We can ask ourselves questions that can scrutinize our situations. Such as why we do what we do? Why do we think we need this or that? What use are we making of these? Will these wants and needs can give us the help we needed?

Instead of seeking reasons from the outside, we can take some time to find reasons from within. Also, we can find solutions for internal issues that are in the first place from within.

nothing shall be done without a reason

Our reason plays a vital role in our everyday life. Our reasons can give us a sense of meaning for doing what we are doing. Our reasons can give us direction in our life. Also, our reasons can help us move through every problem.

Many of our problems arise because we always unreasonably want more and need more. And, sometimes, the solution for these problems is to simply stop wanting and stop needing.

So if we want to keep our problems to a minimum, let us keep our wants and needs to a minimum.

What do you think about my thoughts you just read? Comment them below.

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