When There Is No Way Out, Find Your Way Through

Meditations Book 4 by Marcus Aurelius, a reflection.

“No action would be undertaken without aim or other than I conformity with a principle affirming the art of life.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 4.2

Have you ever been in a difficult situation? At some point or another, we all experienced that.

But have you ever been in a particular difficult situation where in you decided to do something? And by doing that something you got through it and gave your life a sense of purpose?

That’s quite a long question but have you? have I?

I had. And let me share with you that story.

When I started blogging in 2019, I was in bad shape.

My father was hospitalized in January of the same year . He was also diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 along with other many complications of his gouty arthritis. On the other hand, in March, I had to undergo a medical operation.

I was anxious and had sleepless nights. Many times, I had to cry myself to sleep. I knew I was feeling bad, and it might get worse. I had to do something that could save me from the danger of excessive adverse mental preoccupancy.

I had long embraced that life is not supposed to be easy. If you read my previous blogs (click here and here and here), life is already tough on me. But I had to be tougher.

Just at the right moment, a friend lent me The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. The book gave me an inspiration that’s from the 21st January, A Morning Ritual part of the book. It was the page where Ryan mentioned that journaling could be a way to examine ourselves inwardly. Of course, like the stoics.

The inspiration I got was to write my stories and reflections in the form of a blog. So the birth of my site on WordPress!

What’s the Aim? What’s the Purpose?

Why do I write my stories and reflections?

One is I would like to help myself lessen the intensity of the negative vibes in my life.

I was having a tough time when I started writing my blogs. But reading the book about stoicism and thinking for the concept of my next blog occupied most of my time.

Writing blogs taught me how to have a better perception of the world around me. And how to weigh my options before making decisions or taking any actions. Writing blogs worked like a self-therapy. It helped me articulate my sense of well-being and released my negative emotions.

The other is I intend to keep a record of my stories and reflections. As long as I have an internet connection, I would be able to access them anytime and anywhere. These records would help me calibrate how much self-improvement I have already made.

Reading a book and writing blogs helped me recover that particular difficult situation I was in. They give me a sense of purpose and a sense that I am aiming at something good, at least for myself.

And Marcus Aurelius was insistent on the importance of having a clear aim or purpose in every action and thought because having so will keep your life’s balance, but lacking thereof will only bring unnecessary harm.

We have different stories on life’s survival. But in every occurrence, we have to get through them. We have to put ourselves together and try to help ourselves when another terrible situation comes again.

Well, we do not have any idea of how little encouragement we needed when a situation pulls us down to rock bottom. Some of us will not see any trace of light from below. While some others will not even know what to look forward for.

When life is tough, we have to be tougher. And the only way to become tougher is to face tough situations, and actually get through them. And when nobody can help us, we have to can to help ourselves.

Remember, when there is no way out, we have to find our way through.

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1. The Meditations By Marcus Aurelius.
2. The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living.

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The goal of my book series is the same goal I have expressed in Why Do I Write.

My 2020 goal is to read a book per month; share with people what I learn from and feel about the book. For July 2020, the book I read is the Meditations By Marcus Aurelius.

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