In Order To Feel That You Exist, You Need To Learn How To Persist

When we do not know what to do next with our lives, a story continuation.

I almost forgot how to exist.

I was working at night and studying in the daytime. I had so little sleep.

My body-clock was in an absolute mess. And I never had a quality rest for months. But I needed to persevere.

One time in class, I was so sleepy and tired. I did not notice that I was already sleeping. When I woke up, the class had dismissed. I talked with my professor, and I promised her it would never happen again. And it did not.

Another time in the office, one of the managers saw me sleeping at my work station. She called my attention to explain. I told her that I started attending school again. I was so sleepy and tired. I promised her also that it would never happen again. And it did not.

It was challenging to juggle work performance and school requirements. Working and studying were physically and mentally straining.

At this point in my life, I only had two priorities – work and school. To have a full seven-hour rest was considered a bonus.

I tried to direct my efforts towards my simple goals – to save money, to pay off my university debt, to go back to school, and to finish my academic requirements. These were the reasons that I needed to persevere.

Having a clarity of what my priorities and goals were, I was able to complete my academic requirements.

I was even awarded the Top 4 best student in my class.

It’s true that the greater the effort, the sweeter the reward.

There are things that you cannot change simply because they are not within your control.

No matter how much you wish to be born in a wealthy family if you are not, then you are not.

Your existence does not depend on your wishes, but in every action you take and every decision you make.

And in facing difficult situations, you only have two options – to do something about it or not do anything at all. One option will surely give you a lesson. The other will only give you regret.

You always have the power to clarify your priorities and intentions to see the good choices from the bad and make good decisions from the bad.

Keep in mind that knowing your priorities will give you a better vantage point in dealing with the world around you.

Remember, when life is hard on you it doesn’t mean it is unfair or unjust.

In order to feel that you exist, you need to learn how to persist.

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