When We Do Not Know What To Do Next With Our Lives

My story may be your story too.

I came from a poor family that could hardly make both ends meet.

So I believed education would be my only hope to have a better future.

I was already a first year college student when I was forced to stop. Nobody would support my education anymore, so I had to.

I was helpless.

I was hopeless.

After spending some time crying, I went to a nearby store and bought my favorite chocolate sundae. I was sitting at the corner and was staring at it intently.

I had many good memories with it. Whenever I had a perfect exam score, my little happiness was celebrated with it. Even the time when I got an exemption for a math exam, I bought a sundae to celebrate my little victory.

This time, it was totally different.

I was eating it not because of happiness, not because of victory, but because I did not know what to do next with my life.

Maybe not all victory and happiness were meant to last forever. And not all the time I knew what I would do next with my life. Sure. Who did?

I stayed longer than usual inside the restaurant. What was I doing there?

I was waiting for a million dollars to drop from the sky or for Bill Gates to enter and offer me an educational sponsorship. How I wish it was easy as that. But it did not work that way.

Meanwhile, the people who worked in the store caught my attention. They looked as young and as capable as I was. The difference was they were working, but I was not. They gave me the inspiration with what I should do next – find a job!

Even though the million dollars did not fall from above, and Bill Gates did not offer me an educational sponsorship, at least an inspiration came to me. That’s better than nothing.

I was now about to finish eating my sundae. I had enough. It was time to do my next move.

“When one door closes another door opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell

Not for long, I started to journey on.

The first company I ever applied for hired me. I was hired by IBM Daksh as a customer service representative.

Since then, I started to have a sense of direction.

I went back to the store to buy a sundae as I promised to myself. The sundae tasted better maybe because I was feeling better.

After two months, I saved enough to pay off my outstanding university debt.

After six months my hope manifested, I was able to enroll myself as a regular student again.

For once, I did not know what to do next with my life. I was miserable, without direction, without hope.

By being hopeful and by embracing my present situation, I was able to bring myself back on track again.

Despite all this, I completed my education. And I am now a licensed Marine Engineer.

Not every single thing that is going on in our life is okay.

We are maybe in rough shape, and we have unpleasant emotions right now. Let’s feel them as they are.

But never forget to find the silver lining in our situations as they come and go.

And allow ourselves to do the things that will help us decrease the intensity of our heavy emotions. We may cry. We may self-loathe. We may even eat our comfort food. Anything helpful!

Our emotion reveals the things we do not want to see. Pay attention to what it is trying to tell us. It actually helps us better understand where we are currently at. It is actully preparing and guiding us for something better.

When we do not know what to do next with our life, sometimes all we need is to stop and define why we want what we want.

Only then we can start over again, and do what’s important to us with the right reason and for the right purpose.

How about you,
how did you overcome the most difficult moment of your life?
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