Why did I name my dog BUBU?

A lot of my friends and relatives asked me why I named her Bubu. But never did I give them a direct answer nor the story behind it.

I derived her name ‘Bubu‘ from the Filipino word ‘bobo‘ which translates in English as ‘stupid‘. But that is not the reason why I named her as such.

So I would like to share with you why I named my dog Bubu.


She was nameless until the evening of 26 May 2015.

That evening, my father was mad at me because I had not started my apprenticeship yet.

I told him I was doing everything I can. I had been submitting my resume via e-mail to shipping companies searchable online. And I had been roaming the streets of 3 cities to personally submit my application forms.

But I had no luck. No shipping company had called me yet to begin the training. It was difficult to find a door that would open up for me.

I wanted him to understand this point where I was at. Instead of encouraging me, he cursed and belittled me. He called me worthless, stupid, and so forth.

The words of discouragement echoed back and forth inside my head. It was too much, too heavy, too painful.

After he expressed his anger and disappointment, I went outside the house to get some fresh air. I wanted to be alone and calm my mind. I found an empty bench on a corner inviting me to occupy it. So there I sat.

I noticed something was approaching me. It was my puppy. She followed me. When she was closed enough, I grabbed her. I placed her on my lap. Then, I petted her head.

She was wiggling her cute tail. She was mouthing my fingers. And she was showing me her beautiful innocent face. She was enjoying the moment, so did I.

Out of my enjoyment, my mind calmed down. The echoes of discouraging words were also gone.

It was not only peace that resurfaced, but also hope. Hope that I would be able to find a company and that evening would be the last time my father would call me bobo (stupid).

I found peace and hope in the unlikely event of pain and discouragement. To remember that evening, I named my puppy Bubu. And today marks the fifth year of that night.

I could attest that for many years, Bubu stays by my side through thick and thin. She has always been there during the good and the bad times. She may not be able to speak, but her mere presence, loyalty, and companionship are more than enough. These manifest that dogs are man’s best friend.

Now, if anyone will ask me why Bubu is the name of my dog, I will tell them that one time in my life when I was anguished and discouraged, the peace and hope I needed came from a dog. I call that moment Bubu.

Side story: on 2 June 2015, exactly seven days after that night, a shipping company called me. Asking me to report to the office to start my apprenticeship.

Do you also have a pet? Share the story behind her name or anything about him/her in the comment section below!

May 26, 2015 is the day I picked as Bubu’s birth day as I do not have any record of it. Today, Bubu is celebrating her 5th Birthday!

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