SOCIAL MEDIA: the cause and the temporary relief for Anxiety

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

The social media continues to afflict many victims with its capacity to demand over individuals to use most, if not all, their time checking on what is trending, what isthe cheapest sale online, the whereabouts of their friends on vacation and more which derail their focus to fundamentally know themselves, and to know their wants. Due to its capacity to utilize people’s time poorly and unproductively; anxiety, loneliness, and emptiness can be inflicted to anyone – willingly or unwillingly.

Gone are the days where people seek to involve themselves to social gatherings and events to momentarily flee away from their anxiety. Gone are the days where people usually dine with their family and share how their days went, what they feel about something, and what they really want with their lives.

And now is the era where people pick up their phones, open their social media accounts, post something positive about themselves even if they truly feel not so as to get the social validation by likes, hearts, retweets, and shares from the same people who find social media as an easy escape – a temporary relief but never a resolve – and, who find it as a form of defense mechanism for their anxiety, loneliness, and empitenss.
Because of the excessive time spent on social media, a person’s sense of self weakens.

People trade their self-worth with the number of likes and hearts and retweets they get. It is a cheap trade. In effect, people become more susceptible to be anxious and to feel empty, and lonely. They turn out to have a lack of clear conception of what they really want with their life because they continuously compare themselves with what they see on social media – with what they do not have and with what other people do have, with what other people have achieved and with what they have not. They miss the importance of having long term goals because instead of utilizing their time planning and strategizing their next move; they instead waste away tons of hours scanning back-and-forth on their social media accounts – focusing on others instead of focusing on themselves. They get trap in their own predicament and are powerless to positively influence their situation when the most crucial point of their lives unforeseeably comes.

Anxiety is most felt during the period of solitude – a time and place where people have no one to lean on, no one to cry on, no one to distract them, no one to make them smile, and laugh, no one asks how they are feeling. It is painful in many ways for a various of reasons. And the pain confuses and disables people to exactly utter what they truly feel, and turn people unintelligible to know the reason why they feel that way, or to know where it must have come from. Worse, it can be felt anytime and anywhere. It knows no time, no place, and no boundaries.

Now, how to end anxiety, loneliness and emptiness – your anxiety, your loneliness and your emptiness?

First, you can start by knowing what you really want, what you really desire, and who you truly are and embrace them. There is no time limit nor expiration on these. If you will just continue following the myriad steps on social media, you will become not you, but become like them. If you will continue comparing yourself with what you see on social media, you will get yourself stuck with someday, and your dreams will die not seeing the morning. The time is ticking and you have to make every second counts. Create your own image, your own being. Make your own path you can walk on.

Second, work on something that gives you meaning, gives you fulfillment. Aim at a goal and exert all of your effort to reach that goal. It will be hard, and it will be difficult for some time. But face all the challenges that accompany your redemption from carrying the burden of the cross of anxiety, of loneliness, and of emptiness.

Lastly, in your solitude, immerse yourself in self-realization, in self-discovery, in self-recovery. Because the only way to heal your anxiety, loneliness, and emptiness is to take action upon discovering who you TRULY are and what you REALLY want.

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