Choose the People You Deserve

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Have you been around people whom you cannot exist with anymore – a toxic boss, a bad friend, an abusive lover? Let me tell you, if your boss is consistently toxic, render your resignation. If your friend is not a good kind of friend, distant from him/her. If your partner stresses you badly, break the relationship up. If you cannot take them anymore, learn to walk away.

These are the wrong people you circle yourself with and they are the ones who will fill your mind with memories you do not want to remember. They waste your time and corrode your being.

Meanwhile, there are people who wants you to grow as a person and who will teach you how to live better – a coworker, a friend or a lover. People who sees the best in you, speaks the best about you and desires the best for you are the right people to spend your time with.

Let’s admit it, there are people who are either difficult or challenging to deal with. Perhaps there are people who can be both. ( I hope when you make an honest self-assessment you are not.) But do not confuse yourself with what is difficult to what is challenging. Not all who are difficult to deal with are challenging and not all who are challenging are inherently difficult to deal with.

Who is who?

Draw a fine line between who pushes you to discover your potential more and who pushes you to your limit where the alarm gets activated telling you that you have enough.

People you spend time with should be compatible with your taste. If you seek wisdom, be with people who seeks wisdom. If you are a kind person, have more time with people who value kindness. If you are into reading books, share your books to people who are also into reading maybe they will return the same favor to you.

You can integrate your passion and drive when you spend your time with people who has the same interest as you. You can talk over random things for hours without awkward silences and void conversational spaces, letting the time pass without getting bored. It’s a point where you can say you found your match.

You may not get the exact traits of people you wish to interact with but at least you can landscape your options that are available and dispose yourself to making a choice that will perfectly befit with what you think you deserve.

Be with the people who inspires and motivates you – the ones who choose you as you choose them.

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