Make The World A Better Place

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, February 2019 reflection.

Photo by rizzzu2 on Zedge

At first, reading a book is challenging. We get sleepy as we read through the pages. And there are times our understanding of what we read is vague if not zero. But we try to read more and understand more no matter how we badly do it until we unconsciously cultivate the habit of reading. This is a way to look at how habit grows from within and unnoticeably becomes a part of our daily routine.

Habit, good or bad, cannot be absolutely blamed on poor parenting and environment but rather to our lack of vigilance to what we think, what we say and what we do.

We fail to develop good habits because we are indolent to do so. Indolent in a sense that we put ourselves into repeated disregard to make an effort or simply we are just being lazy.

On the other hand, we can hone good habits if we are persistent to acquire them and to have repeated regard to make efforts or incline ourselves to active attempts.

Habit is a learned behavior from the deliberate repetition of action. Like an archer, s/he has to practice a thousand times hitting a cherry with the correct body posture, proper arm angle and right focus for his/er arrow to land on the intended aim. Until hitting a cherry becomes a part of his/r athletic pulse.

We should not lose guard of our own mind or else we will miss the aim. Occupy it with anything that will manifest the best version of our own self.

Keep asking if we have the right reason to do what we do and why we do them and if it is good for us.

Only then we will be able to amend our bad characters and develop a habit that is worthy to be spoken of with honor to others.

Next to making our habits well-kept is making the world a better place.

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