Money Is Not Everything

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, January 2019 reflection.

Photo by the_prabjhot_singh on Zedge.

Who does not need money? We all do.

Money becomes a reasonable need for many people to survive and to live a decent life.

It can be used for a lot things: to pay for educational fees, to acquire health insurance coverage, to own properties, and to buy anything that has a price. Our need of money becomes more necessary to our life as we grow older.

Why some people despite being wealthy does not feel enough inside, as though something is always missing? Because even when money can buy many things, money is not everything.

Money cannot make people trust someone again. Money cannot buy true friendship. Money cannot make us worry-free. Money cannot make us happy. These are the domains where money becomes worthless.

So, our sole duty is to spend it on things, activities, and responsibilities that will make us richer inside and out.

If done right, our survival from life’s despair is probable and we will live a decent life.

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