Clarity: A Way To Achieving Serenity

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, January 2019 reflection.

Photo by Mr_Wanted on Zedge

Everybody deserves serenity. Some of us succeed in finding it- in our career, in our family, in our relationship- but some of us fail. It is not easy. We have to identify what is within the boundary of our control in order to find it.

The Daily Stoic said that desire, opinion, anger and everything of our own doing is within our control. People, position, reputation and everything not of our own doing is outside our control. But we sometimes face situations that generate unbearable disturbance and uncontrollable emotional imbalance. Absolute prevention is impossible. The only way to bring things in order again is to make a choice – our choice to own up and to be responsible with our actions – that has a potential to bring forth meaning and understanding.

Clarity is also important in achieving serenity. It is not only about having a clear vision, clear perspective, clear objective, it is also about allowing ourselves to be encapsulated by Euthymia.

Euthymia is believing in ourselves and trusting that we are in the right path and not being in doubt by following the myriad footpaths of those wandering in every direction.

It is not to say every thought on how it is going to be will fall to its place as they are thought to be. No. There are external forces that will shake our heart, fog our path and blur our vision. If we worry about these external forces and put our focus on them, we will fail to attain serenity. Because instead of controlling anything that can be, we waste our energy, time and effort to anything that cannot be. Energy, time and effort are all non-reimbursable.

We will never be able to eliminate negative influences that can hinder us from having a quiet mind. But we can regain the control of our mind when we are able to redefine our goals, reclarify our intentions and redirect our efforts at a cause or meaning. And if we can stay clear with the things that we can control and focus on them, we will surely be able to reach a point where our mind is at the state of serenity.

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